Display and Safety Regulations

  1.           Microbial cultures or fungi, live or dead .Try photographs instead.
  2.           Displays of live animals.
  3.           Preserved vertebrate animals, whether whole or their parts (this includes humans). Teeth, hair, nail, and histological sections are permissible if properly acquired and form is filed.
  4.           Photographs showing vertebrate animals in any non-normal condition.
  5.           Open or concealed flames, matches, or lighters.
  6.           Hazardous chemicals and any household chemicals including water.
  7.           Highly combustible solids, fluids, or gases.
  8.           Sharp items (for example, syringes, needles, pipettes, knives)
  9.           Controlled substances.
  10.       Dry ice or other sublimating solids.
  11.       Radioactive materials.
  12.       Operating lasers.
  13.       Human or animal food.
  14.       Project sounds, lights, odors or any other display items must not be distracting.
  15.       Batteries with open-top cells
  16.       High voltage equipment must be shielded with a grounded metal box or cage to prevent accidental contact. Wiring, switches, and metal parts must be located out of reach.
  17.       All wiring must be properly insulated.
  18.       Electrical connections in 220 volt circuits must be soldered or fixed with approved connectors.
  19.       Devices emitting ultraviolet light must be equipped with the proper filters for eye protection
  20.       A project data book and a research paper are not required but
are recommended. Students should make their own copies to display such items.
  21.       All judges will have your abstract before the judging time so you do not have to distribute the copies of your abstract to judges.
  22.       Participants can prepare handouts and flyers for the jury members or visitors about their project.
  23.       No food or drinks, except small containers of bottled water for personal consumption, are allowed in the exhibit hall.
  24.       Cell phones, e-book, tablets, CD, MP3 Players, Games are allowed in the exhibit area as long as you do not distract others.
  25. Display Size
  26.        Height 100cm
  27.        Width 100 cm