Evaluation Criteria

CRITERIA                                                      POINT                    EXPLANATION

Originality of the problem; unique approach to solve a sustainability issue.

Review of Literature5Research of scientific literature and use of references.
Scientific Thought5Statement of hypothesis; clarity of purpose; identification of all relevant variables.
Scientific Method15Evidence of depth of study and effort in employing scientific procedures; proper methods followed for experimentation and investigations.
Data Management15Proper recording and display of data in tables, charts, and graphs; proper analysis of data.
Conclusions10Drawing logical conclusions, consistency of conclusions with obtained data; recommendations for further research.
Applications5Practical applications of the project; benefits for society in certain ways.
Research Skills and Effort15Level of skills and effort by (each) researcher to carry out the project; amount of work; high level of understanding of the techniques and equipment used to gather data 
Understanding the Project10(Each) Student’s understanding of each step during the implementation of the project.
Quality of Display10Well-organized display (poster), project maquette, or handouts (flayers).