Code of Ethics

In all steps of a scientific research, the researchers must maintain integrity. Researchers will avoid any scientific misconduct such as falsifying data, plagiarism, or using the works of other researchers. Such projects will fail to compete in DreamECO.

General Requirements

  1.   All students competing must adhere to the rules set by organization committee.
  2.   The projects must be individual or teamwork of two persons.
  3.   The team or individual projects must be prepared in Ukrainian or English.
  4.   The projects all around the Ukraine can participate to DreamECO.
  5.   This year, there will be four different categories in DreamECO.
    •   MY TOWN
  1.   The participants must select one of the categories.
  2.   All projects must adhere to the Code of Ethics Code.
  3.   Scientific methods should be followed in a research-based project.
  4.   A research project might be a part of a bigger study conducted by professional scientists but the participant can only present the portion of the study in which he/she was actively involved.
  5. All students MUST register their projects before deadline to Dream ECO and submit the required paperwork.
  6. The project supervisors must complete the required paper work.
  7. The project supervisor must complete Risk Management Form for projects involving vertebrate animals, biological agents, human subjects, hazardous chemicals or activities and devices.
  8. Students should submit an abstract to complete registration process.
  9. Students should make their own copies of their research paper, project journal, and other items to display at their booth.
  10. All team members should be fully involved with the project and know all aspects of the project. Judging criteria for team projects evaluates the coordinated efforts of all members.
  11. All project exhibits must adhere to DreamECO safety and display requirements.
  12. The participants must pay the expenses of decoration of their stands, brochures, and posters.
  13. Culture plates cannot be displayed in science fair projects, since they may contain harmful microorganisms. Pathogens and harmful organisms cannot be allowed to display in booth.
  14. Harmful chemicals those may risk life and safety of people cannot be displayed in booth.
  15. One school can participate with maximum two projects.