Реєстраційний внесок для участі проекту в конкурсі становить 200 грн. У разі відмови від участі сума не повертається. Для успішної реєстрації плату необхідно внести до закінчення терміну подачі заяв. Проекти без сплаченого реєстраційного внеску не допускаються до участі в конкурсі.

Натисніть тут, щоб завантажити платіжні дані.


DreamECO, the Interschool Ecology Project Olympiad, is a unique science fair open to high school students (grade 7-11) from Ukraine. 

We want to increase the awareness of the public and the students to the environmental problems. We want to create this great experience for our young scientists to produce new projects and represent their ideas. This Olympiad lets students to share their opinions and ideas about how to protect environment. Students can share ideas how to keep environment clean and neat for the next generations.

The selected projects those participate in DreamECO should be prepared for solving the environmental problems, and they should focus on sustainability for a better tomorrow. This project olympiad will be open for public as well. Many people can visit the stands and try to understand the projects.

This project olympiad also targets to gather many scientists in different universities and share their ideas with students. The scientists are expected to be jury members and evaluate the projects. The scientists are also expected to give a seminar about environmental problems.




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